Gummed Paper Tape from Aggressive Packaging, Inc. is a water activated packaging tape solution, and is available in different sizes and quantities. Our gummed paper tape can be used in all weather, as it is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures. In independent testing, results have proven that reinforced water-activated tape outperforms plastic pressure-sensitive tape when protection from tampering and pilferage are critical.

Benefits of our gummed paper tape include:


  • Unaffected by dirt, dust, oil, humidity or extreme temperatures
  • Retains integrity if punctured
  • Reinforced styles offer superior strength
  • Ideal for heavy, bulky packages


  • Uses renewable, plant-based adhesive
  • Made from natural, biodegradable materials
  • Paper tape is 100% eco-friendly
  • *Fiberglass reinforcements are easily removed during repulping.


  • Forms a permanent bond on cartons, paper envelopes and shippers
  • Adds another layer of tamper-evidence with imprinted dates, codes or security messages


  • Ensures a neat professional appearance
  • Protects brand image with a precise, clean carton seal
  • Can be preprinted with custom logos and messages

For more information about our gummed paper tape please contact us today. Our customer service associates are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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